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Cambodian Worker Victory as a Guide to Effective Worker Protest

By Nicholas Devyatkin In a remarkable development, Cambodian workers have won back pay from Wal-Mart. Similar to their brethren in the United States, they have used direct protest action and public pressure, rather than traditional union collective bargaining, to force the hand of Wal-Mart. In September, 2012, The workers were told that the Kingsland apparel […]

Wal-Mart Workers are Seeing Red on Black Friday

By Danielle Gonnella One of America’s largest retailers and private employers with 1.4 million employees, Wal-Mart, may face some troubles staffing its stores this holiday season. Wal-Mart workers are in the midst of record-setting “Black Friday” protests that could culminate in thousands of strikes over a nine-day span in areas such as Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Oklahoma, […]

Employee Conduct Outside of Work Can Jeopardize Unemployment Benefits

Virginia employees are eligible for unemployment benefits so long as the employee’s termination did not result from the employee’s misconduct connected to his work.  (Va. Code Ann. § 60.2-618(2)(a)).  In a decision that has employers celebrating, the Virginia Court of Appeals held that employee misconduct outside of the workplace can, in some cases, be deemed […]

One Small Step For Applebees’ Employees, One Large Step for Tipped Employees in the Restaurant Business

After the Wal-Mart v. Dukes class action suit was shot down by the Supreme Court in June 2011, there were founded concerns that class actions based on retail or customer service employees’ policies were in peril.  On Friday, an Illinois federal judge validated a class of plaintiffs, consisting of tipped employees of the Applebee’s franchise, […]