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Equal Pay Debate Continues in the Midst of Legislative Stall

by Samantha Serna The Equal Pay Debate gained momentum on April 8, 2014 as President Obama marked the 51st Anniversary of the 1963 Equal Pay Act by signing into law an executive order aimed at addressing unequal pay. The Executive Order, “Non-Retaliation for Disclosure of Compensation Information,” applies certain provisions of the Paycheck Fairness Act […]

District Judge Allows Sex Discrimination Class Action Against Bayer to Proceed

Last week, New Jersey U.S. District Judge Dennis Cavanaugh denied Bayer Corp.’s motion to strike class allegations and partially dismiss Barghout’s (plaintiffs’) amended second complaint in a $100 million sex discrimination suit. Despite presenting a strong legal analysis regarding potential problems with class certifications, Judge Cavanaugh ruled that Bayer’s argument (that the allegedly amorphous claims […]

New Report Highlights 16% Gender Pay Disparity Among CFOs

Title VII and, to some extent, Title IX of the Civil Rights Act protects individuals from discrimination on the basis of sex. These laws are usually recourse for either the discriminated employee to fight for injunctive relief or for damages by targeting the specific employer that allegedly committed the discrimination. However, when sex discrimination is […]

Food for Thought: Subminimum Wage and the Restaurant Industry

Food for thought: In eleven states, servers, bartenders, and other “tipped employees” are paid just $2.13 an hour – the current federal subminimum wage. For these employees, earning a living is a gamble; if it’s a slow shift, going to work can cost more than what is earned. And according to a recent study by […]