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Domestic Workers Fight for Satisfactory Working Conditions

By Heather Lothrop Currently, only New York State has legislation that requires domestic workers to be given meal breaks, paid for overtime, paid rest days, and protection against racial and sexual harassment. While these rights are expected in most professions, domestic workers often do not receive these protections from their employers. The employers are not […]

California vetoes Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

During an eleventh hour vote, California governor Jerry Brown vetoed legislation which would have protected approximately 200,000 domestic workers in California by providing for overtime, the right to breaks for adequate sleep, greater access to worker’s compensation, the right to prepare one’s own meals by having access to an employer’s kitchen, the right to obtain […]

Indiana Supreme Court Cuts Employee’s Wage and Hour $18M Damages

The Indiana Supreme Court on Friday said that the $18 million back pay recovery of non-merit employees in a long-running class action over hourly wages with the state should be cut because of their “unreasonable” delay in seeking recovery. The almost 19-yearlong dispute involved claims by merit and non-merit employees of Indiana state who said […]