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Taylor v. Geitner

Workers who settle Title VII claims against the government cannot sue the government in federal court for breach of the settlement agreement. The plaintiff brought a claim against the federal government for breaching a settlement agreement arising out of the plaintiff’s Title VII claims against the government as her employer. In order to sue the […]

Dish Network Corp.

A social media policy constitutes an unfair labor practice where it restricts protected speech by broadly prohibiting “negative” employee speech online, restricts employee speech online during work hours (without indicating that protected speech could be exercised during breaks), and requires preclearance before employees could speak publicly or to government officials. The employer’s social media policy […]

Embry v. City of Calumet, Ill.

Government employees who serve in policymaking positions requiring political allegiance may be fired for their political affiliation. The plaintiff, who was Commissioner of Streets and Alleys for the defendant, was demoted from his position after several aldermen refused to ratify his appointment to a new department based on his failure to support their ally’s political […]