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Volume 3 Call for Articles

The Labor & Employment Law Forum is seeking articles for publication on the following topics: Employee Benefits, including:  The effects of ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ repeal;  The possible Defense of Marriage Act (“DOMA”) repeal;  The ramifications of the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act Politicization of the labor movement, including: Occupy Wall Street; The […]

Call for Papers

The American University Labor & Employment Law Forum will publish articles presented or related to their symposium on the expansion of the American workday.   The Forum will consider traditional law review articles, as well as recent development pieces and shorter essays.  The ideal length for submissions is 25 pages (double-spaced, including footnotes), although both shorter […]

Call for Articles

The Labor & Employment Law Forum is currently accepting submissions for its Spring, 2011 Edition focused on the intersection of Labor & Employment Law and Immigration Law. Submissions are due January 1, 2011 and if accepted, will be published in April, 2011. Ideal topics include, but are not limited to: Immigration policies affecting employers and […]