Vol. 5, No. 1

Where Will the Case Be Heard? Which is the Applicable Law? Approach to Selected Problems of Transnational Employment Relationships By: Cecilia Pérez Martínez.

American Workers Must Settle For Less When Undocumented Workers Are Proctected Less: The Uphill Battle Facing Undocumented Workers and How Immigration Law is Reigning in Workers’ Rights By: Eduardo Rivero.

The NLRB’s Social Media Guidelines a Lose-Lose: Why the NLRB’s Stance on Social Media Fails to Fully Address Employer’s Concerns and Dilutes Employee Protections By: Cressinda Schlag.

The Dichotomy Between Independent and Cumulative Reasons for an Adverse Action: A New Defense For Employers to Claims of Workplace Discrimination By: Dhruba Mukherjee.