Vol. 1, No. 1

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Volume 1, Number 1

Note from the Founders:

Note from the Founders, Jennifer Erin Brown & Jamison F. Grella


Labor Contract Formation, Tenuous Torts, and the Realpolitik of Justice Sotomayor on the 50th Anniversary of the Steelworkers Trilogy: Granite Rock v. Teamsters,  David L. Gregory, Rowan Foley Reynolds & Nadav Zamir

Private Ordering of Employee Privacy: Protecting Employees’ Expectations of Privacy with Implied-in-Fact Contract Rights, Lindsay Noyce

When One Board Reverses Another: A Chief Counsel’s Perspective, Harold J. Datz

Can Card-Check Be Unilaterally Imposed by the NLRB?, Halima Woodhead

Introduction to International Mediation and Arbitration: Resolving Labor Disputes in the United States & the European Union, May Olivia Silverstein


Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: Beyond the Log Cabin Republicans Injunction and the Defense Authorization Act