Waiting for July 1st

by Ashlyn Marquez

It seems that hundreds of concession stand employees of the Honda Center will have to wait until July 1st to find out if they have lost their jobs. This date marks the expiration of the Honda Center’s contract with Aramark and the starting date of the contract with Anaheim Area Management (“Management”).

There has been a lack of communication from Management and whether the Management will retain the current workers or allow them to re-apply for their jobs. All that these employees know for sure are the statements given by Tim Ryan, the president and CEO of Anaheim Arena Management.  Management will “take the food and beverage portion of our business in-house.” This statement has “fueled speculation” and left the employees with fear and uncertainty whether they will have a job this summer. http://www.ocregister.com/waptest/news/anaheim-501622-arena-food.html

Ryan suggests this “in-house” decision will “increase flexibility and discretion with regard to food quality, employee training and menu offerings,” and will also “allow [them] to take on even greater responsibility for their service [the] fans and guests receive.” However, Management’s lack of response to the worker’s suggestions that related to bettering food quality undermines Management’s alleged objective. http://www.ocregister.com/waptest/news/anaheim-501622-arena-food.html

Even if Ryan’s assertions are accurate and are mostly customer driven, the potential of hundreds losing their jobs and/or benefits would shift the health costs to taxpayers under the new health care law,” Leigh Shelton, spokeswoman of Unite Here, stated. It would “push[] the cost of healthcare off of the Anaheim Ducks and onto taxpayers.” http://www.voiceofoc.org/oc_north/anaheim/article_cc7479b6-a294-11e2-99ba-0019bb2963f4.html

Tim Ryan and the rest of Anaheim Arena Management seem unwilling to listen or respond to the workers, as seen on April 10, 2013 when dozens of unions took their concerns to the customers, and protested and asked fans to sign a petition during a hockey game, but Honda Center’s management quickly put it end to this. At the least, it is vital Management listen to the thousands of local residents that attend functions at the Honda Center. It is essential for them to realize the degree of impact this will not only have on hundreds of worker’s, but will also have on the community and the reputation of the Honda Center.  http://www.voiceofoc.org/oc_north/anaheim/article_cc7479b6-a294-11e2-99ba-0019bb2963f4.html