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Five-Day, Go Away? The United States Postal Service announces move to five-day delivery

By Danielle Gonnella, 2013-2014 Managing Editor On March 24 the outcry over a plan to move the United States to five-day mail service grew louder, as thousands of union members from the National Association of Letter Carriers (“NALC”) rallied across the country to save Saturday delivery, and along with it an estimated 22,000 jobs. The […]

CVS To Penalize Workers Who Do Not Share Private Health Statistics

By Joanna Solloway CVS has recently implemented a new policy that requires employees to report health information including height, weight, body fat, blood pressure, and other health indicators.  Those employees who refuse to submit such information will be fined $50/month.  Such policies are not uncommon among employers looking to cut healthcare costs.  Some companies already […]

NFLPA Reluctant to Test Players for HGH

By Jennifer Riso The Court of Arbitration of Sport recently ruled on the validity of human growth hormone (HGH) testing procedure. In deciding the appeal of Olympic cross-country skier Andrus Veerpalu, the court held that “procedural issues in the testing process invalidated any suspension levied” by the International Ski Federation. The National Football League Players […]

EEOC Report Highlights Obstacles Facing African Americans in the Federal Government

By Ezinwanyi Ukegbu On March 14, 2013, the U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission released a comprehensive report on the major obstacles that hinder equal employment opportunity for African Americans in the federal workforce.  The agency’s internal African American work group produced this report after engaging in discussions and dialogues from 2010 to 2012 with EEOC […]

Cambodian Worker Victory as a Guide to Effective Worker Protest

By Nicholas Devyatkin In a remarkable development, Cambodian workers have won back pay from Wal-Mart. Similar to their brethren in the United States, they have used direct protest action and public pressure, rather than traditional union collective bargaining, to force the hand of Wal-Mart. In September, 2012, The workers were told that the Kingsland apparel […]

Oklahoma: Religious Discrimination Case Ends in Settlement

By Jay Shannon Voss Lighting, a Nebraska based supplier of lighting products, announced on March 19th that it will settle a religious dicsrimination lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The Commision’s suit alleged that company personnal refused to hire Edward Wolfe at its Tulsa location due to his religious beliefs, in […]

Higher Minimum Wage?

By Vince Bruni In his 2013 State of the Union Address, President Obama made news by calling for an increase to the federal minimum wage to $9 per hour. The issue has been one of contention for years. After the President’s speech, law makers, splitting mostly down party lines, both supported and opposed the idea. […]

Domestic Workers Fight for Satisfactory Working Conditions

By Heather Lothrop Currently, only New York State has legislation that requires domestic workers to be given meal breaks, paid for overtime, paid rest days, and protection against racial and sexual harassment. While these rights are expected in most professions, domestic workers often do not receive these protections from their employers. The employers are not […]

Real Food, Real Jobs

By Katrin Schulz On February 28, food service workers, community food activists, anti-hunger activists, and students joined in solidarity at the African American Civil War Memorial to demand real food and real jobs.  The “Real Food, Real Jobs” march and rally, organized by UNITEDHERE! Local 23, was held to raise awareness of two interconnected issues […]

Upcoming Symposium!

The Labor and Employment Law Forum is Proud to Host: MARCH 20, 2013 NOON-1:30PM WASHINGTON COLLEGE OF LAW ROOM 600 This event explores the current litigation against Hearst Corporation and Fox Searchlight Films by previous interns and externs, alleging unpaid labor as a violation of fair labor standards.  The panelists will discuss the active cases […]