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Countdown to Election 2012: The Candidates’ Proposals to Fix the Economy

By Eileen Lohmann On November 6, the people of the United States will choose between two fundamentally different presidential candidates, and in an economic climate in which the rate of unemployment is 7.8 percent, each candidate has offered his own solution to create jobs and grow the economy. President Barack Obama’s plan to revitalize the […]

Proposed CBA Amendment to Michigan’s Constitution

By Josh Tucker This November, Michigan voters will not only be electing its local and national representatives, but will also be voting on six different state proposals, five of them potential amendments to the Michigan Constitution. Proposal 2, specifically, would constitutionally recognize Michigan public and private employees’ right to organize into labor unions and bargain […]

Another Tough Week for Foxconn

written by Articles Editor Emily Kaiser The manufacturer under fire for a recent explosion at an Apple iPad factory now faces a new controversy: the revelation of minors working in a Chinese facility that manufactures components for Nintendo’s yet-to-be-released Wii U game console.  Taiwan-based Foxconn Technology Group, the world’s largest supplier of technology products, found […]

Cheaper Goods at a Higher Price

In the past, Wal-Mart has been criticized for labor violations in their factories in China. Starting in October, Wal-Mart has started to have problems with workers here in the United States. Workers in the retail stores and in warehouses associated with Wal-Mart have gone on strike earlier this month to improve their rights as Wal-Mart […]

AFL-CIO: California’s Prop. 32: Clone of Past Anti-Worker Measures

Maybe this election year will finally put a stake through the heart of efforts by corporations and extremist right-wing millionaires to silence the voice of California’s working families in the political arena. This year, it’s called Prop. 32 and it’s a near-clone of 2005’s Prop. 75 and 1998’s Prop. 226, which voters defeated by 53% to 47%. Both times, huge mobilizations by […]

New Anti-Flopping Rules in the NBA: Fair Game or Unfair Labor Practice?

Last Wednesday the NBA managed to shake up the sports world a full month before the start of the season when it released an outline of its new anti-flopping rules.  According to the policy outline released by the NBA: “Flopping” will be defined as any physical act that appears to have been intended to cause […]

Just Put the Biscuit in the Basket, Already.

Today was supposed to be a magical day – the first day of the National Hockey League (“NHL”) season.  Instead of watching the B’s take on the Flyers tonight, this hockey fan will be spending the evening watching the Birds and the Yanks battle it out in the Bronx, as the NHL is heading into […]

NHL Labor Negotiations Make Little Progress

As the 22nd day of the lockout approached, the National Hockey League (NHL) announced the cancellation of the first two weeks, totaling 82 games, of the regular season.  This is the second time in seven years that the NHL has cancelled games as a result of labor negotiations.  This year, the lockout is the result […]

Trickle-Down Economics, Labor Law & Hockey

Just as the NFL just got the real officials back, the NHL has cancelled all of its preseason games. Hockey fans are groaning around North America as talks between the owners and the National Hockey League Players Association (NHLPA) make little progress toward ending the lockout. The league locked the players out on September 16, […]

2012 DC Labor FilmFest: Oct. 11-18!

Join the AFL-CIO Washington DC Metro Council to screen some of the best labor-themed movies: from documentaries to comedies! “The films of the DC Labor FilmFest speak to us of the work we do” say FilmFest Co-Directors Jos Williams and Mark Dudzic. “They are voices that must be heard if we are to prosper and […]