NCAA Sanctions Against Baylor University

The best year of athletics for Baylor University has come to an end with possible NCAA sanctions on the way. An NCAA investigation, that began in 2008, into Baylor’s Men’s and Women’s basketball programs revealed that the Men’s coach, Scott Drew, the Women’s coach, Kim Mulkey, and their assistants, were involved in over 1,200 impermissible phone calls and text messages over a 29-month span. The NCAA labeled these contacts as “major violations” of NCAA regulations.

The assistant coaches, who engaged in most of the impermissible contact, are more likely to face a “show-cause penalty,” meaning that any penalty will be permanently on their records regardless of where they coach. Therefore, any school that decides to hire them must “show cause” as to why they should not be subject to the penalties from the assistant coaches actions at Baylor.

Baylor has currently self-imposed penalties against the head coaches, including prohibiting off-campus recruiting during the summer recruitment period, loss of scholarships, prohibiting recruiting calls, and reducing the maximum number of visits allowed. The NCAA has accepted the self-imposed sanctions, and decided to not add on to them.

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