German Workers Support American Counterparts

In an effort to improve employment conditions for T-Mobile workers, a delegation from T-Mobile’s parent company, Deutsche Telekom, and a member of the German Parliament are in the United States to meet with American employees about T-Mobile’s anti-union tactics. Deutsche Telekom employees enjoy Germany’s traditionally higher standards for worker freedoms including worker contract negotiation power and seats on the company’s board. However, these standards are not reciprocated for Americans employed at T-Mobile. One T-Mobile employee, while reflecting on a trip to observe German working conditions, stated “The experiences that my German friends shared with me was human proof that a unionized workplace makes a difference.”

T-Mobile has taken steps to ensure that workers are unable to exercise their right to unionize with the Communications Workers of American. It has been reported that T-Mobile routinely distributes anti-union information to workers and holds management-led meetings to dissuade the workers from exercising their rights.

T-Mobile workers have struggled for years against their employer’s anti-union tactics in their efforts to win a voice on the job and the German delegation will attempt to aid them in that struggle.