Monthly Archives: December 2011

The Negative Effect of Unpaid Internships

According to a recent “The Daily Beast” article, more college students assume that internships are mandatory for graduation because more employers expect to see internship experience on their resume. Because of the high demand for internships in the bad economy, many students take unpaid internships not only with non-profit organizations but also with for-profit organizations. […]

Michigan Bill Seeks to Limit Workers’ Compensation

This past week in Michigan, the state Senate held a hearing on H.B. 5002, an anti-workers bill that would undermine workers’ compensation by creating unnecessary obstacles for injured Michigan workers who seek compensation for work-related injuries.  If passed, the bill would significantly reduce compensation payments, restrict injured workers’ right to select their own health-care providers, […]

Employers Can’t Fill Jobs Under New Alabama Immigration Law

Alabama’s draconian new immigration law arose out of popular concern over the nation’s stagnantly high unemployment rate and concern over controlling immigration. But the law, which compels police officers to question individuals they suspect of being undocumented immigrants and punishes businesses that hire them, has the unintended consequence of leaving many Alabama employers with vacant […]

DOE, proponents of Whistleblower retaliation?

A complaint filed by an engineer working at the Hanford Nuclear site, asserts that the Department of Energy has engaged in a pattern of supporting whistleblower retaliation. Walter Tamosaitis, an engineer working for URS Corp. at the Hanford Nuclear site, alleges that he was assigned menial duties after he raised safety concerns about the URS […]

Effects of a Potential Repeal of DOMA

The Senate Judiciary Committee recently approved a Bill that would repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).  This Bill has little to no chance of passing either the House or the Senate, at least in the current Congress.  However it is interesting to think of some of the potential impacts such a repeal would have […]