Unions Now Support Occupy Wall Street

Labor unions are lining up in support of the Occupy Wall Street, both with the national movement and its local affiliates that are protesting the seemingly entrenched corporate power that emanates from Wall Street, according to the AFL-CIO’s blog.  Starting with the original Occupy Wall Street in Manhattan, union endorsements helped swell the size of the demonstrations.

Following their lead, unions across the country now are embracing and aiding the protest movement.  For instance, the AFL-CIO blog reports that the Alameda Labor Council and the California Labor Federation endorsed Occupy Oakland’s Day of Action on November 2nd.  To that end, the Labor Council encouraged workers to engage in noon-time demonstrations at their workplaces and to mobilize at the Oakland City Hall at the close of business.  Further, the Labor Council planned to host a cookout to feed those who joined in the protest. 

Meanwhile, the Montana AFL-CIO endorsed the Occupy Wall Street movement as Occupy Montana gained official union support.  In addition to displaying the geographic scope of the Occupy movement, the Montana AFL-CIO Executive Secretary Al Ekblad highlighted the demonstrators’ multi-faceted diversity, explaining that “Occupy Wall Street is students, workers, people of faith, seniors and many more, coming together to demand fairness in the financial market, fairness in the social system, and fairness in the economy.”