Facebook & Department of Labor Partner Up to Help You Find a Job

Employers are notorious for using social media websites such as Facebook to research potential employees.  But now, they may also use this platform to reach out to other potential workers.  Facebook has recently announced that they have partnered up with the U.S. Department of Labor and other education and employer organizations to create a Facebook Social Jobs Partnership page.  This page serves as a portal that highlights available training programs and job search resources. With unemployment levels reaching over 9%, there seems to be a desperate need to provide resources to those looking for jobs.  Facebook will be catering the content according to the geographical location, so that online public service announcements will appear in areas with high unemployment rates. 

Most potential workers limit their job searches to employment specific websites, such as LinkedIn & Monster.com.  The lines between social and professional media may become more blurred as Facebook’s new partnership could eventually include job listings as well as the posting of resources.  Facebook’s statement  indicated that they could create systems to post jobs that can be delivered virally through Facebook at no charge.  This would put Facebook in direct competition with Linkedin and other specific employment recruiting websites.  Nonetheless, the Department of Labor and other nonprofits recognize that joining efforts with Facebook could be beneficial.  Facebook has millions of users in the United States and this partnership has the potential to benefit many.