Job Aid for American Workers?

In the most recent attempt to address the jobs crisis in America, President Obama has been furiously campaigning for Congress to pass his American Jobs Act. The Act targets attempts to reduce unemployment by:

  • putting construction workers back on the job,
    rebuilding roads and bridges;
  • providing tax cuts for small businesses that hire
  • making sure that middle-class families don’t see a
    tax hike next year;
  • ensuring that the unemployed and out-of-work youth
    have a chance to get back in the workforce and earn their piece of the American Dream.

Labor groups, including the AFL-CIO, have championed provisions in the act directed at increasing spending on infrastructure.  AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka spoke in support of the plan. He stated, “We can’t be competitive in a global economy unless we have infrastructure that allows us to be competitive,” Trumka said. “This is really a no-brainer.”

It remains to be seen what portions of the Act, if any, will be passed through Congress. It seems highly unlikely that the Act will pass in totality. Thus, the next best hope for aid to workers would be for portions of the Act, palatable to both parties, to pass individually.