NBA Turns to Federal Mediator

The NBA Owners and Players met until 2AM Wednesday morning in their latest effort to end the 100+ day lockout. After what is being called a “marathon bargaining session”, owners and player reps are at again Wednesday morning for additional talks. With the first two weeks of the regular season already cancelled, and Christmas Day games in jeopardy, it is becoming increasingly likely that a significant amount of games will be missed. Not only will this result in less revenue for the league and its financially struggling teams, many individuals who work at the stadium and surrounding business will lose out.

To stem the crisis, the NBA has turned to federal mediator George Cohen.  Although Cohen’s mediation is non-binding, the move to include him in the talks is seen as a positive for the NBA. His name should sound familiar. He mediated several bargaining sessions during the NFL Lockout in the spring. In addition to his mediation during the NFL Lockout, Mr. Cohen was a senior partner at Bredhoff & Kaiser, a Washington, D.C. law firm with a national practice, specializing in representing private and public sector labor organizations in collective bargaining involving a wide variety of industries.

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