Tennis Stars Make Push for Players’ Union

Professional tennis players have expressed their discontent with the current state of tennis and a number of highly ranked players are considering unionizing. In 1972 leading tennis professionals joined together to establish the Association of Tennis Professionals, known as the ATP. The ATP has administered the worldwide circuit of men’s professional tennis for over twenty years. The ATP has a Player Council comprised of current tennis players designed to help serve player needs but recent news indicates the players want more.

Andy Murray, the 4th ranked tennis male in the world, has recently discussed his frustration with the ATP schedule, the volume of required events and a point system that is considered flawed by many players. Recently Novak Djokovic had his back give out on him and many attribute the injury to the rigors of the current eleven month schedule. Another star player Andy Roddick stated that players have always been interested in a union. Roddick among others was upset with issues caused by the poor weather and scheduling at the US Open. Roddick believes that the players need to speak with one voice while addressing their current frustrations. Murray said that striking is a possibility but hopes it doesn’t get to that.

The players are reconvening in China soon, where they will have the opportunity to further consider unionizing. The China meetings will shed light on a fragile situation, so tennis fans will wait anxiously as the story develops.

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