Children and Families Lose Out Without Child Care Help

On the heels of a very interesting New York Times article by Paul Osterman, “Yes, We Need Jobs. But What Kind?”  the National Women’s Law Center (“NWLC”) released a commentary on the article focused on child-care and the need for higher wages. The NWLC also called for the introduction of a bill in the House of Representatives that would provide funding for the Child Care and Development Block grant, the federal child care funding program.

Paul Osterman’s op-ed details the challenges faced by low-income families as they try to get through the day. These individuals are forced to turn to family and friends to help see that their children are cared for while they are at work. They might even turn to older children. None of these options are extremely reliable, and the children suffer the consequences with a greater risk of injury and a decreased focus on education.

Therefore, the NWLC focuses not only on the need for these individuals to receive higher wages but also upon assistance with getting affordable child care. Currently, this assistance is very limited for low income families. Assistance is extremely restricted and even those eligible might never be given aid.

The bottom line is that low income families should not have to choose between work and their children’s well-being.

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