New Orleans Saints Sue Former Players

The NFL and New Orleans Saints sued eight of the team’s former players and the NFLPA yesterday, alleging the players are required to drop workers compensation claims filed in California. On Tuesday an arbitrator found the players had improperly filed the claims in California because their player contracts required them to file them in Louisiana, rejecting their argument that California law superseded their contracts. A copy of the arbitrator’s 21-page decision was attached to the lawsuit, which was filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana and seeks enforcement of the arbitrator’s decision.

The complaint states they filed in California in 2010, and that year the league, on behalf of the Saints, filed grievances that the filings breached their contracts, which allegedly specifically required them to file in Louisiana.  Where players can file workers compensation was an issue in the recently concluded labor battle between the NFL and NFLPA, but the two sides chose to leave the matter unresolved. California has liberal workers comp rules, so players want to file there, while non-California teams want them to file in the home state of the club.

– Alex Bard

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