Staff Applications for Volume 2 Now Available!

It’s not too early, or too late, to join a publication and gain invaluable journal experience, especially if you are interested in the vast field of labor and employment law.

Perks of membership include forum-only job announcements; forum-only networking opportunities, including attendance at local and regional labor and employment conferences; access to course outlines and supplements; the opportunity to work with and among an energetic and supportive group of people; and of course, the opportunity to hone your editing skills and expand your knowledge in the field of employment and labor law!

Senior Staff: Senior Staff members serve as lead line and line editors on articles and transcripts ensuring that the spaders’ have performed the necessary technical edits to the citations in the piece and have collected the appropriate sources cited.

Junior Staff: Junior Staff members serve as spaders and source collectors on articles and transcripts ensuring that the article or transcript complies with the Bluebook and all citations support the material cited.

Applications are available here: Application

More information can be found under the “Applications” Tab.

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