NFL Players Ratify Deal Thursday

NFL players voted and ratified a new, 10-year collective bargaining agreement Thursday, hours after it was finalized by the NFL and NFL Players Association.
Most of the deal to end the 4-plus month lockout was agreed to last month, but several elements still needed to be ironed out after the NFLPA re-established itself as a union and recertified as the players’ exclusive …bargaining unit under the National Labor Relations Board. The union had dissolved itself in March when the old CBA expired, allowing players to sue the league in federal court.
The new 10-year CBA includes new rules on the salary cap, rookie draft and free agency, the main subjects of the Brady v. NFL lawsuit filed in March. Now encompassed in the CBA, these “mandatory subjects of bargaining” are exempt from antitrust challenges between the two bargaining units (the NFL and NFLPA). – Alex Bard

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