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Our Spring, 2011 Edition is Here!

Entire Issue of  Volume 1, Number 2 Employment Discrimination: 45 Years of Enforcement of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964: Introductory Note, Richard S. Ugelow Panelist Biographies Welcome Remarks: Overview of Title VII ELS Enforcement 1965-1974 Enforcement Against State and Local Governments Enforcement and the Future Note: $0.77 Does Not Equal $1.00: […]

The “New” American Workday: How 9 to 5 has become 24/7

The first symposium organized by the Forum will address the current labor laws enacted decades ago to protect American workers, and how in today’s modern workplace, more responsive policies are needed.  Presenters will discuss solutions currently available to regulate the length of the workday under the Occupational, Health, and Safety Act and the Fair Labor […]

Workers’ Rights as Human Rights: The State of Our Freedom to Join Unions and Bargain Collectively

Please join the Center for Human Rights, Human Rights Brief, Labor & Employment Law Forum and the Labor & Employment Law Society on April 4, 2011 from 5-6 pm in Room 602 for a discussion of the freedom of association under international law and how courts and agencies around the world have held that collective bargaining is a fundamental […]