A Perspective on NFLPA Decertification

The New York Times (J. Battista) has interesting piece today regarding the possibility and consequences of a decertification by the NFL Player’s Association.

From the article:

“Instead of remaking the system the way they did in the late 1980s and early 1990s — when the union became the first and only one in a major sports league to dissolve itself — players hope to use the process known as decertification to save what they already have, by blocking owners from locking out players in a dispute over how to divide the $9 billion in annual revenue the N.F.L. generates. Union leaders say they would decertify simply as a way to get players back on the field, and to prevent a work stoppage that threatens the 2011 regular season.

If the union decertifies, owners will face a decision. They could impose their own rules that would allow the games to continue, a decision likely to expose the league to a series of antitrust lawsuits brought by players that would attack the underpinnings of the current game: the salary cap, the franchise tag that restricts movement of some free agents, and even the validity of some player contracts.”


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