NELP Finds Job Recovery Focused in Low-Wage Industries

The National Employment Law Project released a report this week that analyzes data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The report, titled A Year of Unbalanced Growth:  Industries, Wages, and the First 12 Months of Job Growth After the Great Recession, finds that the economic recovery has disproportionately benefited low-wage jobs, while the number of higher-wage jobs returning is far lower than the amount lost during the recession. Among their finds:

  • Lower-wage industries constituted 23 percent of job loss, but fully 49 percent of recent growth
  • Mid-wage industries constituted 36 percent of job loss, and 37 percent of recent growth
  • Higher-wage industries constituted 40 percent of job loss, but only 14 percent of recent growth

This does little to allay fears about the increasing income inequality in America.