Chairman Liebman’s Comments to HELP Committee

From the NLRB:

This morning, a subcommittee of the House Education and The Workforce Committee held a hearing on “Emerging Trends at the National Labor Relations Board”.

In response to requests for comment, Chairman Wilma Liebman issued the following statement:

“The most significant ‘emerging trend’ at the NLRB is that the agency is coming back to life after a long period of dormancy. After more than two years without a quorum due to chronic vacancies, the Board now has four members and has been tackling many of the difficult cases that languished for years. We are actively seeking input from practitioners and from the public, by inviting briefs for important cases that are under review, and by using the process of federal rulemaking to seek comments on one potential rule change intended to inform American employees of their statutory workplace rights. It is unfortunate that the work of the Board is often viewed through a partisan lens, but that has been the case for decades. We simply intend, to the best of our ability, to continue to apply the law and carry out the agency’s statutory mission fairly and openly. I look forward to working with Congress in the months ahead to demonstrate our adherence to that goal, and I welcome a serious dialogue about these important issues.”