Call for Papers

The American University Labor & Employment Law Forum will publish articles presented or related to their symposium on the expansion of the American workday.   The Forum will consider traditional law review articles, as well as recent development pieces and shorter essays.  The ideal length for submissions is 25 pages (double-spaced, including footnotes), although both shorter and longer submissions are welcome.  Footnotes should be formatted according to the latest edition of The Bluebook.  Accepted articles will appear in Volume 1, Issue 3, with expected publication shortly after the symposium takes place.  Submissions will be accepted for publication based on both the quality of the article and the Forum’s publication restraints.  The Forum ultimately reserves the right to make offers of publication to papers submitted.  Please note that in order to meet publication deadlines, no articles submitted after February 1, 2011, will be considered for publication.  Submissions will be accepted through ExpressO and LexOpus as well as e-mail.   All essays, articles, and questions regarding publication can be emailed to

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