Monthly Archives: December 2010

Call for Papers

The American University Labor & Employment Law Forum will publish articles presented or related to their symposium on the expansion of the American workday.   The Forum will consider traditional law review articles, as well as recent development pieces and shorter essays.  The ideal length for submissions is 25 pages (double-spaced, including footnotes), although both shorter […]

First, Annual, American University Labor & Employment Law Forum Symposium: “The ‘New’ American Workday: How 9-5 has become 24/7″

The Forum will hold its first annual symposium on April 18, 2011 from 9 am to 5 pm in Room 603 of the American University Washington College of Law, located at 4801 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20016. The first symposium organized by the Forum will address the rampant expansion of the American workday.  Presenters […]

Senate Repeals “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”

The Senate today, in a Saturday Vote, repealed 1993 policy of prohibiting openly gay servicemembers from serving in the military with a vote of  65-31 .  The President and Pentagon officials must certify this this repeal will not adversely affect the military. The House voted 250-175 earlier in the week to repeal.  H.R. 2965 A […]