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Dresser-Rand Co. & Iue-Cwa, Afl-Cio, Local 313

An employer’s decision to lock out striking and crossover workers, while allowing full-time replacement employees to work, can be found to have a discriminatory purpose in violation of the National Labor Relations Act. While an employer and union were negotiating a successor collective bargaining agreement, the union went on strike, and when it offered to … Continue reading »

Wal-Mart Workers are Seeing Red on Black Friday

By Danielle Gonnella One of America’s largest retailers and private employers with 1.4 million employees, Wal-Mart, may face some troubles staffing its stores this holiday season. Wal-Mart workers are in the midst of record-setting “Black Friday” protests that could culminate in thousands of strikes over a nine-day span in areas such as Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Oklahoma, … Continue reading »

Hostess Workers Strike Protesting Cuts to Wages and Benefits

By Basim Motiwala This past September, employees at Hostess Brands came together and overwhelmingly rejected a contract offer by the company that seeks to cut wages and benefits by as much as 32%.  The contractual dispute led to the workers deciding to begin a strike on November 9, 2012 against the well-known maker of Wonder … Continue reading »

Score for the Middle Class…. Right?

By Joanna Solloway In the midst of the presidential elections, AFL-CIO announced that workers at First Transit Region 3 overwhelmingly voted to form their own union with the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 757.  The honorable objective of this new union is to give a stronger voice to Region 3 in efforts to promote collective … Continue reading »

Storm Continues to Stir Up Union Controversies

By Allison Pearson Labor unions raise no shortage of controversies in the current American economy.  Some commentators have postulated that labor unions helped President Obama secure a second term by tipping the polls in his favor in Ohio. At the same time, however, an August 2012 Gallup Poll shows that public of approval of labor … Continue reading »

One Small Step Toward Unionizing

By Jennifer Girard Boeing’s recently opened plant in North Charleston, South Carolina is being targeted by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) to unionize its workers. But IAM faces an uphill battle. The South Carolina plant, Boeing’s second U.S. final assembly line, opened in July 2011 amidst controversy. In March 2010, the … Continue reading »

Countdown to Election 2012: The Candidates’ Proposals to Fix the Economy

By Eileen Lohmann On November 6, the people of the United States will choose between two fundamentally different presidential candidates, and in an economic climate in which the rate of unemployment is 7.8 percent, each candidate has offered his own solution to create jobs and grow the economy. President Barack Obama’s plan to revitalize the … Continue reading »

AFL-CIO: California’s Prop. 32: Clone of Past Anti-Worker Measures

Maybe this election year will finally put a stake through the heart of efforts by corporations and extremist right-wing millionaires to silence the voice of California’s working families in the political arena. This year, it’s called Prop. 32 and it’s a near-clone of 2005’s Prop. 75 and 1998’s Prop. 226, which voters defeated by 53% to 47%. Both times, huge mobilizations by … Continue reading »

New Anti-Flopping Rules in the NBA: Fair Game or Unfair Labor Practice?

Last Wednesday the NBA managed to shake up the sports world a full month before the start of the season when it released an outline of its new anti-flopping rules.  According to the policy outline released by the NBA: “Flopping” will be defined as any physical act that appears to have been intended to cause … Continue reading »

Locked-Out Sugar Workers’ Resort to Kids Stories As A Last Hope

A little over a year ago, members of Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers (“BCTGM”), and company, American Crystal Sugar entered into a union contract dispute. This dispute resulted in the BCTGM members “overwhelmingly reject[ing] the company’s final offer, which included significant increases to workers’ health care costs and major changes to job security, … Continue reading »


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