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Florida Union Members Join in Union Movement’s Call for Immigration Reform

By Eileen Lohmann On February 28, 2013, union leaders and elected officials in Miami Gardens, Florida, called for comprehensive immigration reform, expressing their support of the AFL-CIO’s immigration reform campaign.  Chair of the AFL-CIO’s Immigration Committee and executive secretary-treasurer of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, MarĂ­a Elena Durazo explained the union movement’s immigration … Continue reading »

House, Department of Labor Disagree Over Applicability of WARN Act to Sequestration-Related Layoffs

by Christy Wu Recently, the Office of Management and Budget issued guidance to agencies to reduce costs in contract spending, signaling the reality that federal contractors must tighten their belts under sequestration. Yet contracting employers have been guided by federal advice which has not always been clear or consistent. The House Subcommittee on Workforce Protections, chaired by … Continue reading »

Employers Weigh in on the Constitutionality of DOMA

by John Marsella An amicus brief filed by 286 companies and business groups, including: Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook, EBay, Nike, and many others, sheds light on employers’ view of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). DOMA was enacted in Congress in 1996 and signed by President Clinton. Section 3 of DOMA defines marriage as a … Continue reading »

Hostess Workers Strike Protesting Cuts to Wages and Benefits

By Basim Motiwala This past September, employees at Hostess Brands came together and overwhelmingly rejected a contract offer by the company that seeks to cut wages and benefits by as much as 32%.  The contractual dispute led to the workers deciding to begin a strike on November 9, 2012 against the well-known maker of Wonder … Continue reading »

Supreme Court to Review FLSA Case That Could Limit Employee Remedies

by Co-Managing Editor Emily Pantoja The Supreme Court recently granted cert to review a case that could have an impact on future class action cases and remedies for employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). In Genesis Healthcare Corp. v. Symczyk, 656 F.3d 189 (3d Cir. 2011), nurse, Laura Symczyk alleged that her employer … Continue reading »

Entire Issue: Vol. 2, Book 2 ARTICLES Michael L. Artz, Beyond Wisconsin: Union Rights Admist State Attacks on Public Sector Collective Bargaining Harold Datz, Stripping Public Employees’ Rights for Wisconsin Budget Repair: Reality or Rhetoric? PANELS Wal-Mart v. Dukes: Is 1.6 Million Women 0.6 Million Too Many? NOTES Scott B. Mac Lagan, New Process Steel: Stevens’ Last Stand Against … Continue reading »

Just Put the Biscuit in the Basket, Already.

Today was supposed to be a magical day – the first day of the National Hockey League (“NHL”) season.  Instead of watching the B’s take on the Flyers tonight, this hockey fan will be spending the evening watching the Birds and the Yanks battle it out in the Bronx, as the NHL is heading into … Continue reading »

NHL Labor Negotiations Make Little Progress

As the 22nd day of the lockout approached, the National Hockey League (NHL) announced the cancellation of the first two weeks, totaling 82 games, of the regular season.  This is the second time in seven years that the NHL has cancelled games as a result of labor negotiations.  This year, the lockout is the result … Continue reading »

Trickle-Down Economics, Labor Law & Hockey

Just as the NFL just got the real officials back, the NHL has cancelled all of its preseason games. Hockey fans are groaning around North America as talks between the owners and the National Hockey League Players Association (NHLPA) make little progress toward ending the lockout. The league locked the players out on September 16, … Continue reading »

2012 DC Labor FilmFest: Oct. 11-18!

Join the AFL-CIO Washington DC Metro Council to screen some of the best labor-themed movies: from documentaries to comedies! “The films of the DC Labor FilmFest speak to us of the work we do” say FilmFest Co-Directors Jos Williams and Mark Dudzic. “They are voices that must be heard if we are to prosper and … Continue reading »


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