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WashPost: Are the Redskins Heading to Arbitration on Salary Cap Case?

Is the Washington Redskins salary cap case headed to arbitration? A person with knowledge of the case said there have been discussions about using an arbitration provision of the league’s collective bargaining agreement to challenge the penalty imposed by the NFL. The league took away $36 million in cap space over two years from the Redskins, and … Continue reading »

AFL-CIO: SAG Awards, Entertainment Union Boards Vote to Merge

The red-carpet glamor and prestige of the 18th annual Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards last night put the pre-Oscar spotlight on the cast of “The Help” in the theatrical motion picture category, with actors themselves choosing the best of the best. “The Help” cast also was recognized with Viola Davis taking the award for best … Continue reading »

NBA Players’ Union Dissolved, Season Hopes Dashed

On Monday, the National Basketball Players Association voted to disband the player’s union. This move will end negotiations with the NBA and turn the labor dispute into a courtroom legal battle. After two and a half years of negotiations, the NBPA voted to dissolve itself by declaring “disclaiming interest” in response to NBA Commissioner David Stern’s … Continue reading »

Facebook & Department of Labor Partner Up to Help You Find a Job

Employers are notorious for using social media websites such as Facebook to research potential employees.  But now, they may also use this platform to reach out to other potential workers.  Facebook has recently announced that they have partnered up with the U.S. Department of Labor and other education and employer organizations to create a Facebook … Continue reading »

NBA Turns to Federal Mediator

The NBA Owners and Players met until 2AM Wednesday morning in their latest effort to end the 100+ day lockout. After what is being called a “marathon bargaining session”, owners and player reps are at again Wednesday morning for additional talks. With the first two weeks of the regular season already cancelled, and Christmas Day … Continue reading »

Tennis Stars Make Push for Players’ Union

Professional tennis players have expressed their discontent with the current state of tennis and a number of highly ranked players are considering unionizing. In 1972 leading tennis professionals joined together to establish the Association of Tennis Professionals, known as the ATP. The ATP has administered the worldwide circuit of men’s professional tennis for over twenty … Continue reading »

Beating the Buzzer: NBA Players & Owners Meet Wednesday to Save the Full Season

The prospect of starting the 2011-12 NBA season on time is growing increasingly dim. Threats of decertification by top agents have been the latest rumors trending around the Association’s labor dispute. The lengthy litigation process that would follow from decertification would certainly mean a delay in the start of the season if not an out-right cancellation. … Continue reading »


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