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Colby v. Union Sec. Ins. Co. & Mgmt. Co. for Merrimack Anesthesia Assoc. Long Term Disability Plan

An insurance administrator acts arbitrarily and capriciously in violation of the Employment Insurance Retirement Security Act (ERISA)when he refuses to consider whether an employee’s risk of relapse into substance dependence swells to the level of a disability. An employer’s insurance company discontinued an employee’s disability benefits after she checked out of a rehabilitation facility where […]


CVS To Penalize Workers Who Do Not Share Private Health Statistics

By Joanna Solloway CVS has recently implemented a new policy that requires employees to report health information including height, weight, body fat, blood pressure, and other health indicators.  Those employees who refuse to submit such information will be fined $50/month.  Such policies are not uncommon among employers looking to cut healthcare costs.  Some companies already […]